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FRED - Animated Series FRED - Animated Series

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Oh... My... God


Seriously, Fred makes me sick to my stomach. I get sick to my stomach just hearing his annoying ass voice, even for the few seconds in this video. Even still, the shotgun blast followed by the sickeningly sweet melody that is his screams of agony more than make up for this. You sir are more than just an animator, you are a great and merciful king of kings. Bravo good sir, bravo.

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Moon Groove Moon Groove

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Look, Mikey Likes It!

I like the pixel look, bt how did you pull off this feat? I doubt it was flash.

Hildebrandt responds:

-feat? I'm not quite sure what you mean, sorry (I'm not a native speaker, if you have a question you can PM me if you like). I did everything in Flash, I even use a pretty old version of the program, Flash 8.

Vigilance 3 Vigilance 3

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Kinda slipping

I took the liberty of watching the teaser for Project: Rebirth, amongst your other movies. I was curious to see how your animations have grown. Unfortunately I have to say that the animation in your test movie was better, more involved. You might take some time to do some more involved animating with these. If cheap anime has taught us anything, it's that unmoving pictures in an animation can just be unnerving, and very bothersome.

Some of the prior comments stated that you should try drawing the backgrounds yourself. While the style you are using, which is to vectorize the images in flash, could be effectively used in a film noir style, I don't believe you have advanced enough to attempt such a feat. If you aren't very good at drawing in perspective, which was an issue for me for a long time, you might try tracing over the backgrounds that you want to use. Who knows, it might just offer you a bit more flexibility than you expected.

In regards to the voice acting, after watching more of your videos I realize that you are doing most of your reading yourself. That's not a bad idea, especially when you don't have actors to do it for you, however I would suggest writing out your script first before you get started. It sounds like you are making it up, on the spot, and just recording in one take.

The story seems to have some depth, and it looks like you know where you want to take it, but you aren't really pushing yourself to improve. The art looks exactly like the first video you posted, and I assume in less than a month you'll be posting your next one. I simply implore you to attempt a higher standard in quality, in both animation and script, so your story can be rewarded the respect it deserves.

cris17 responds:

alright this is a good time for me to clear this up, now note before i say anything im not being a dick HOWEVER i am stating something that needs to be said. infact im even going to put this in the commentary (maybe next time, but if i dont then maybe people will put 2 and 2 together) so that i dont have to repeat my self. alright anyways read.

this whole story im doing....this animation.....all of NOT trying to impress ANYONE im doing it for fun and quite frankly to those who say "improve" your going to be dissapointed, this story, this animation alone isnt aimed at that. its not aimed to make front page its not aimed to please anyone its just a fun hobby i have i like doing and i like doing this certain way so youll never see a change in how its made. so if you dont like it dont watch it, if u dont think im doing things the way you think i should then dont watch it cause really whats it hurting anyone else that it has google pictures photoshoped? or that it doesnt have clean animation that looks top notch? if you havent noticed in the last few parts ive done, the thing changed...why? cause IM DOING THIS FOR FUN.....honestly i dont care what reviews say, i put the message above welcoming critique cause well making it clear that bashing and bullshit is ignored keeps the dumbasses from wasting my time, yeah i read these reviews from time to time. but honestly to anyone else who says improve or the animation is weak, go watch my other parts and see that i keep it the same OBVIOUSLY FOR A REASON. yes i can do better as you have seen tiny bits of in other animations but if you havent put 2 and 2 together then relook cause this story i like doing it the way im doing it and dont intend to change it. and how hard is it for someone who says "weak animation, boring, crap, .....," NOT to watch it and go about their buisness. ive been on newgrounds for 5 years or more and honestly im just submitting my work now just to share with those who feel like taking a glance, for anyone who is a fan if at all a follower of the story then by all means but this message goes to anyone past present and future who says "needs more, boring, slow paced, improve, weak animation" so for my final words i say this to close this reply, and also im putting this reply for one dam good TIRED of coming to see out of curiosity what my score is and whose bashed my flash and seeing the same shit over and over..wich is "improve" then to say what i was going to....:

THIS STORY IS IMPROV....the voice acting is mine obviously and i make the story up as i go, reason i choose to use images off google cause i dont like making my own backgrounds. the characters are stiff and not much animation but incase u never noticed if my submission needed work or was terrible it wouldnt be in green, yes that may be average but good god just move on if you dont like the way i do things. i see bullshit on here with everyone saying how i need more of this or improve on that when in all reality only 30% of the people who tell me to do this actually fucking animate when infact the rest of that percent never fucking animated in their dam life and sit their trying to tell someone else WHO KNOWS HOW FUCKING HARD IT IS, to improve their animations etc etc etc etc......i yes i can do much better then this i have done FBF animation and i do plan on actually making a fbf flash sometime soon, but for shit sake people put 2 and 2 together and see that i this story this way for a reason.

this reply isnt to bash anyone EXCEPT the ones ive aimed at in this reply. im not being a dick to anyone else, just the ones ive aimed at.

im going to be bashed and hated on for this im sure cause someone always has a stick up their ass about it but as said will be ignored....this is the last reply to any review and its purpose was to get out what was needed.

well if this doesnt clear it up for you then i dunno what will.

depending on the future will i reply to any other comments.

!short shorts! !short shorts!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I was amused

Arts not that good, but it made me rofl. That's a first today. Maybe generous, but 10/10.

The Little Jamurai II The Little Jamurai II

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Aw man. I'm lovin the fact that this series is back. I'm lookin forward to more Jamurai flicks... atleast I'm hopin ^_^

the red samurai the red samurai

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

..*dot*. >_>

To say I didn't enjoy watching this would simply state the obvious, so I'll skip that. This had no real plot other than "shed all the blood I can". There were alot of pointless elements (like the cliche flower cut) and this simply didn't look like you tried on this.

Please, do better next time.

And God Gave Me Wings And God Gave Me Wings

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

errr... my brain just died.

That was ignorant... seriously.

The Farm The Farm

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Well Done

I really liked this movie. The animation was solid, the concept was humorous... and they had an abduct button ^_^

Some criticism I have here however is:

Many of the scenes dragged. Some would have benifitted from a higher framerate, however other's just should have been shorter.

I understand the use of the cow graphic in most scenes, however there were some scenes where you would have done better to just have redrawn the cow. Inside the ship is one of those areas where the same graphic just didn't work.

Anyway, I'll leave well enough alone. I still want an abduct button tho. XD

Gramps Episode 2 Gramps Episode 2

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Ummm... no

As your scores implied the only thing this video had going for it was the classic Snoop in the background, and honestly that just made the whole thing seem campy. Please try again.

Mortal Kombat:Dance Mortal Kombat:Dance

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Coulda been better

While this was a good idea, and was very funny at first, one can only watch the same campy character dance for so long. More characters and a better mix of songs would have gotten this movie a ten from me.